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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping


What goes into my quote?

How much lead time do I need?

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What Goes into Your Car Shipping Quote?


We check to see what rates the last 6 vehicles paid most recently for your route and what carriers are being offered for space on your route now.

Distance and Fuel Prices

Longer distances require more driver time and fuel, transport carriers typically only get about 6 miles per gallon.

Vehicle Type

Vehicle size and weight affect the amount of space and fuel needed for transport, so expect to pay more for a larger heavier vehicle.


Remote locations limit a carrier's chances to fill empty spaces with cars for return trips. Fewer carriers traveling remote routes can result in higher prices.

Seasonal Supply & Demand

Higher demand during Snowbird Season can raise rates during March, April, May and October by as much as $200 over summertime prices, depending on route and direction of travel.

Open or Enclosed Service

Open carrier is the most economical service, similar to the large carriers used by new car dealerships. Enclosed service is used for high value vehicles, antiques or show cars and costs about 60% more.